imageWe are very excited to offer a unique model when it comes to our ministry! We have chosen to use specialized pastoral support for the various different areas of ministry. We have a team of area ministers who form what we like to call “The Best of the Best!”

Pulpit & Special Services: Our full time minister, Rev. Guy Lynch offers great messages that apply to everyday living!

Pastoral Care: Rev. Max Amstutz provides pastoral support for our homebound ministry program, along with our hospital, urgent and nursing home care. He also provides counseling, marriages, and funeral services. Max is informed on a daily basis of any special needs of our church family, including monthly meetings.
Education: Rev. Guy Lynch provides a weekly study group on Wednesday mornings, followed by a luncheon. The Bible Study has included studies on the Lord’s Prayer, book study, and various discussions.

Prayer Ministry: In addition to our dedicated prayer chain ministry, we have the Morning Prayer Circle that prays and supports your prayer requests. The staff also stops and prays anytime a special need for prayer is brought to the church.

Special Ministry Needs: When a pastor is needed for counseling or a particular situation crisis, individuals are guided to one of our support pastors if they do not have a preference for assistance. Each situation is handled confidentially and on an individual basis.

Administration: 24/7 coverage that includes coordination of building usage for activities and community events.

Community: Diane Slingerland (and Staff) represents FCC at the monthly Blue Water Area Churches meetings and Olde Town Round Table meetings along with community services, events, outreach mission meetings and activities.

Mission Referral Ministry: We continue to offer referrals to Blue Water Community Food Depot, Neighborhood Ecumenical Team, and other agencies to those in need at our reception area. A new program: “Meeting the Kneed” has been launched to better serve those needing assistance that come through our doors. Families or individuals that come to First Congregational Church for “food” or “referral voucher” assistance, will be given bread or bakery good(s) “free” of charge. This special opportunity is made possible by one of our local stores.

Weddings & Funerals: Our church building is available to the community for weddings and funerals. You do not need to be a member. You may bring your own member of the clergy or select one from our team. Call the church office (982-9519) to schedule.

As the saying goes – this is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to our ministry team. We’ve got it covered!